April Student of the Month: Gina Bokmiller

Anjali Hot Yatra Yoga | April Student of the Month: Gina Bokmiller

Super happy to announce our student of the month for April is Gina Bokmiller. Gina’s dedication to practice is inspiring to all of us. She shared her thoughts about yoga and how she lives the practice off the mat. We heart you Gina!!!!!

Why and how did you come to practice yoga?

I started practicing yoga a year ago to reconnect with my body after several years of over-exercising and putting pressure on myself to keep up a hard exercise routine. In addition, my job requires me to sit at a computer most of the day, and I began developing neck and shoulder pain that resulted in migraine headaches. I found myself exercising less frequently and that only made my pain worse. A friend often spoke to me of her love of yoga and I knew it was time to re-evaluate my exercise choices. I thought I would try yoga to see if it would make a difference. I wanted to find a studio where I could get help with proper alignment and the chronic pain I was experiencing, and I found Anjali Yoga where I happily discovered the owner is a physical therapist. The only reservation I had about joining was the heated studio because at my age heat isn’t always your friend. I laugh at that now because a heated yoga class has helped bring healing to my body and focus to my mind.

What does your practice mean to you?

At this stage in my yoga journey, three things are meaningful to me in my practice.

First, when I started yoga I heard Ferris say these two words, “no judgment”. I’ve always placed a lot of pressure on myself to do things the “right way” and I found her words to be a revelation. Yoga has helped me to accept myself and befriend who I already am. Now, my yoga practice is a part of me and is available whenever I need it.

Second, with the high level of instruction at Anjali, and especially with the help of Ferris, Kate and Kim, I have been able to focus on good alignment, gain strength, and am now pain free. I’m grateful for the concern every instructor extends to their students.

Last, but not least, I can’t say enough about the wonderful yoga community at Anjali. The women I’ve come to know are an inspiration and an encouragement to me. We support one another not only in our practice, but we have shared the joys and struggles of our daily lives as well.

What would you like to tell others about the practice of yoga?

When people say to me they want to join a yoga class to increase their flexibility, I tell them, yes, yoga will increase flexibility but it’s not about achieving the “perfect” pose or “measuring up” in some way. Yoga is about releasing all judgment and letting yourself be happy with who you are right now.