Elements of Anjali

Our studio is a newly renovated space located at the end of the courtyard in the South Forrest Shopping Center on Hendersonville Road. It was purpose-built with your comfort and practice in mind. The choice of colors and flow of the studio promotes a feeling of peace and tranquility. The bamboo flooring is both beautiful and functional. It gives the studio an organic, natural essence.

Our practice room is filled with radiant heat panels, an energy efficient, silent, and clean way to bring the room to an optimal temperature. We have also installed an ERVS (energy recovery ventilation system) that allows the exchange of air within the room without a loss of heat. Overall our heating and air systems are designed to provide a healthy balance of heat and humidity for optimal performance.

A variety of products for hydration are available for purchase to support your pre- and post-yoga experience. Forgotten your mat? We have rental mats for $2. We also have mats and other hot yoga accessories for sale.

We are happy to share that the shopping center provides ample parking for all.

Come and feel the difference in one of our hot yatra classes. Or enjoy our therapeutic class. Our intention is support your goal for a balanced, happy mind, body, and spirit.

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Studio Ettiquette


• Please remove your shoes as you enter the studio. All classes are practiced barefoot.

• Arrive at least 15 minutes early. We honor you and ourselves by beginning class at the scheduled time.

• Remember to turn off all cell phones in the studio. They are absolutely not permitted within the practice room.

• For the comfort of all…please avoid using perfumes, colognes, or heavy fragrances. Scent-free is always best.

• Be mindful that fellow yogis may be meditating in the practice room.  Maintain sacred silence, or use low voices to honor others.

• Personal items are not permitted in the practice room. Please leave valuables at home.

• Throughout the studio, please keep your conversations soft as classes or wellness sessions may be in progress.

• Advise your teacher before class if you are new, or have a recent injury/ailment, that we should know about. Please do not discuss during class.

• Closing savasana is the most important asana of class. Please remain in the practice room for the full duration of class, including savasana.

• Please spray blocks, or rented mats after class.