What is PhysioYoga?

Fakhoury Physical Therapy is a private physical therapy practice located within the Anjali Hot Yatra Yoga studio. Ferris Fakhoury is a licensed Physical Therapist with over 28 years of experience. She is also a certified yoga instructor. Her practice combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with physical therapy to create an effective and unique integrative health care model. Fakhoury Physical Therapy differs from traditional physical therapy as it incorporates the holistic approach of yoga therapy, and client empowerment so that you feel involved in creating and maintaining a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Instead of passively going to a clinic for prescribed exercises, you will  collaborate with Ferris to develop a tailored practice that meets your individual goals and desires.


How are we different?

In a hospital or rehab center treatment session:

* You spend less than 30 minutes with a physical therapist.  At Fakhoury PT, you will always receive one on one treatment with a physical therapist for one hour. 

* Your treatment occurs in a large room, with many other people. With Fakhoury PT, your treatment sessions are in a beautiful, private setting. The studio promotes a sense of peace and well being. 

* You are treated by multiple therapists. At Fakhoury PT, you will be seen by the same therapist each time, thus enhancing a sense of trust through building a relationship. 

* Your treatment includes exercises with weights, pulleys, and on exercise machines similar to a gym. Treatments at Fakhoury PT involve yoga blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps and your own body to apply weight and resistance. 

NOT accepting new patients at this time. Please keep us in mind for the future.